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So the amazing team at Mainmark have measured your floor levels, determined your home is experiencing slab heave and advised you to 'monitor it' - Now what? 

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What is Slab Heave?
Slab heave is the result of changing moisture levels in the reactive clay soil under and around your home.

  • When it gets wet it expands, lifting parts of your home and can cause serious damage.
  • When it dries it shrinks and your home moves in the opposite direction, also causing damage or ruining any cosmetic repairs you'd done.

The key is to keep the soil moisture levels as constant as possible and allow your home to return to a steady position over time. Then structural and cosmetic repairs can be completed. 

How do you manage this process and know when everything is finally steady? Time and Monitoring.

The traditional methods of monitoring slab heave or subsidence pose some serious problems:

  • Advanced & automated monitoring technology designed for civil engineering is totally impractical for in-home use! 
  • Manual floor level surveys are limited to only a few 'point-in-time' measurements taken many months or even years apart.
  • Measurements lack additional context such as detailed weather and daily timeline data.
  • You may be totally unaware things are getting worse costing time & money. 
  • There's a potential conflict of interest in disputes; the party collecting the data may also be the party making recommendations or having to act on them. 

    SLABsense monitoring has changed the game! 

    SLABsense monitoring paints a detailed picture with automated daily data using our patent pending proprietary smart sensor technology, making it easy to understand exactly what's happening to your home, where and when

    SLABsense Technology Loungeroom

    • SLABsense sensors are small, discrete, battery powered and easily installed at key locations around your home with removable 3M adhesives. 

    SLABsense Sensor

    • They automatically wake up every night to take a measurement and upload data to our cloud platform. 
    • You can view the data at any time on your mobile or PC via our easy to read dashboards.
    • Adding local rainfall data adds critical context, helping to identify landscaping issues or potential plumbing leaks.  

      SLABsense Example Data with Rainfall


    SLABsense is the ONLY provider of this technology in the world! 

    SLABsense's founder invented the system because like you, he was concerned and wanted real answers about exactly what was happening to his home. 

    If you'd like your concerns and questions answered, be smarter and get the data

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