Slab Heave Monitoring - Home Owners

Monitoring Slab Heave

If you've already engaged an engineer or have called in your builder, it's highly likely they've said "we'll monitor it for 3-6 months".  

Traditional methods of monitoring slab heave or subsidence poses some serious problems:

  • It requires repeated site visits by resource stretched engineers.
  • Data is limited to only a few (usually just two) 'point-in-time' measurements taken many months apart.
  • Measurements lack additional context such as detailed weather and timeline data.
  • Significant events or remedial action triggers can be missed due to irregular site visits and measurements. 
  • There's a potential conflict of interest in disputes; the party collecting the data may also be the party making recommendations or having to act on them. 


    SLABsense uses the latest IoT smart sensor technology to solve these problems and paint a detailed picture of what's happening to your home and when. 

    The 4 Cs of Slab Heave


    Home owners can be justifiably concerned about the damage slab heave or subsidence can cause. 

    Your home is your castle and also likely your biggest investment. 


    Technical terms, AUS standards, fine print warranties, multiple trades deflecting blame, obligations you didn't understand or know about. 

    It's no wonder home owners are confused. 


    Repairing the damage caused by slab heave can be very expensive. 

    There's also the costs of engineers, legal fees and potential loss of home value to consider. 


    When emotions, liability, reputation and money are involved the blame game often kicks in.

    Disputes can easily escalate to stressful tribunals & legal action. 

    SLABsense Solutions

    Floor Level Survey

    Level Smart Monitoring

    Rainfall Data

    Data Presentation

    Our online dashboards present all data in an easy to use format using floor plans and trend graphs. We strongly recommend results are shared with your builder or engineer (or with you if they've engaged our services) to maximise trust and minimise conflict. 

    Data Independence

    SLABsense weren't involved in building your home or any decisions regarding how to fix it or who's going to pay - we just capture the data. This gives an important layer of independence and impartiality to help in disputes and where trust has broken down.