Slab Heave Monitoring - About SLABsense

SLABsense aims to reduce the concern, confusion, costs & conflict of residential slab heave by leveraging innovation, technology & data. 

    How We're Different


    SLABsense was founded on innovation and problem solving - we're not just using the latest technology, we've developed our own patent pending sensors and are bringing new services to the residential construction & engineering industries! 

    Data based decisions

    We believe data makes you smarter!

    Traditional slab heave investigations are based on one or two, ‘point-in-time’ measurements often taken months apart. SLABsense captures daily data across a number of sources to add critical context, clarity and a trend timeline enabling more informed decisions. 


    Diverse expertise and insights from differing industries drives innovation and great services.

    SLABsense combines a technology, innovation and service delivery focus with industry specialist research & collaborations to develop effective solutions and services. 

    ​Experience, research & early collaborator industry experience spans IT, soil science & testing, forensic structural engineering, volume home building, human-centered design, business planning and finance. 

    An unique perspective

    SLABsense bridges the gap between people, technology & science.

    The business model & product offering have been designed from the ground up by SLABsense's founder Rob Young. 

    • Lived experience of slab heave means he understands how home owners feel.
    • 27 years of technology based service design & delivery experience within CSIRO means he understands scientists and engineers, what they do and how to deliver the tech they need. 
    • Broad IT knowledge unlocks the potential for new applications and cross-industry use of technology. 
    • Innovation training, tools and a curious 'challenge the norm' mindset means he's always looking for new solutions to real customer problems. 

    Meet the Team

    Rob - Founder & Director

    Rob started SLABsense after seeing the concern, confusion, costs and conflict slab heave caused his neighbour and to some extent his own family & home. The problem was complex, important and interesting enough that he set about finding a solution.    

    Prior to SLABsense, Rob's career spanned 27 years delivering, designing and managing IT services for CSIRO, with the last few years leading their human-centred design program; coaching business analysts, staff & stakeholders through facilitated workshops and design sprints.
    Rob is certified in Business Design, Innovation, Human-Centred Service Design, Design Thinking and has a Diploma of Management. 

    Kylie - CFO

    Kylie oversees SLABsense's financial management and is also a Director of Tax and Business Services at Davidsons, a leading accounting and business advisory firm in Geelong (Head Office) and Torquay.

    She has worked in public practice since 1999, is 
    a CPA and Associate of the Taxation Institute of Australia and holds a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in accounting and financial planning from Deakin University.

    Renae - Manufacturing & Logistics

    Renae builds, individually calibrates and ships all our sensors from our workshop in Geelong. She has experience as a top performer and assistant team lead at one of Geelong's largest warehouses.